• Proactive advocacy for issues and policies that will promote and protect your cross-border business. We have an excellent track record and high level private, governmental and public contacts that have been proven effective in supporting and influencing pro-business issues.
  • Valuable assistance through United States-Mexico trade information and resources. Competition is global and intense. We have the experience and seasoned staff to help you increase value in your company.
  • Exceptional networking opportunities: Whether through technology, seminars and conferences, programs and speakers or trade missions, our ability to connect you to the right people at the right time is outstanding.
Membership Levels

Bi-National Membership - $10,000 annually

Members at this level serve at the highest level of membership in the Chamber and enjoy privileges reserved only for them. Historically, meetings with high ranking governmental officials occur on a bi-annual basis. Members have met with past and present Presidents of our respective countries as well as Cabinet Level Officers. Our access to decision-making and influential bi-national congressmen has served our members well in assisting with company problems and issues. A Bi-National Member has access and benefits to any of the 13 chapters in the US and the 5 chapters throughout Mexico. It is designed for leading companies and firms with significant interest and operations in both.

Regional Membership - $2,500 annually

This level is designed for firms and companies whose interests are concentrated in the Midwest region of the US. This degree of membership offers more direct involvement on specific issues and events affecting the Great Lakes Chapter and the territories its serves.

Corporate Membership - $500 to $2,000 annually

This level of membership is intended for firms, enterprises and organizations seeking general involvement with the Great Lakes Chapter. Membership fees are based upon an organization’s annual revenue:

  • Annual revenues under 10M = $500
  • Annual revenues 10M-50M = $1,000
  • Annual revenues 50M-100M = $1,500
  • Annual revenues more than 100M = $2,000

Annual Revenue

Individual Membership $300 annually

Membership for those looking to become a personal member of the Great Lakes Chapter. This degree of membership is typically recommended for individuals whose company or employer is not directly involved in US-Mexico commerce on a corporate level.


Associate Membership - $100 annually

This level is designated exclusively for Non-Profit, Governmental, NGO’s and Educational Organizations and Institutions.

Membership Application & Dues

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Remember that the following benefits apply to ALL categories of our membership:

  • Discounted fee on Great Lake Chapter programs and events
  • Invitations to members-only networking events
  • Special advertising rates for our website
  • Preferential sponsorship opportunities
  • Research assistance on trade and business-related issues
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